About Accom Czech, a.s.

The trade distribution company ACCOM Czech was established in 2003 within the frame of the new organizational structure of the whole ACCOM holding group of companies. ACCOM Czech ensures the complete trade distributional services not only of the cooled but of the uncooled dairy products, fruits and vegetables for the schools and the distribution of other products as well.

ACCOM Czech belongs among the biggest and the most important trade distributional companies in the Czech Republic. It´s sales reach approx. 1 milliard of CZK yearly. In the company there are approx. 120 employees taking care of the everyday satisfaction of our clients. ACCOM Czech represents not only the dairies/members of the ACCOM holding group (Bohušovická mlékárna and Choceňská mlékárna) but the other domestic and foreign producers of the various foodstuffs – like ARLA Food, ZOTT, Olma, Bel cheeses, TPK, Pribina, A.W.Loštice, Madeta, Bauer, Ferrero, Kraft foods and lot of others.

At the present time ACCOM Czech has the network of the branches and cross docks covering the complete area of the Czech Republic. The branches at the production plants supply every day the fresh products to all cross docks placed not only at the branches but to the cross docks in Kralovice, Liberec, Brno, Jemnice and Ostrava as well.

Daily there are approx. 55 distribution vehicles leaving these cross docks to our clients to supply the shops of our customers. We are pleased that international and national chains use our services. Among our most important clients there are COOP Centrum and COOP Morava, Tesco, Lidl, Ahold, Penny Market, Kaufland, Billa, Globus, Hruška, FLOP, BALA, Spar, Makro, ESO market and lot of others – at the present time almost four thousands of delivery places. Primarily ACCOM Czech is the company engaged in the distribution and logistical activities whereas ACCOM Czech is able to offer such activities to other subjects interested in their utilization.

During the existence of our company we permanently pay attention to the improvement of our services. From ambulant form of the sale stepwise we attained the present system when the commercial representatives together with the shop managers place he orders into the mobile PDA equipment – the shop managers can order the products from the list of approx 800 items. After the finalisation the order is automatically transferred to call centre where the regular phone contact with all our customers is ensured from. At the present time we are able to work out the orders in any form the client wants to communicate – by phone, fax, e-mail or EDI. After the finalisation of the orders for the certain region the respective orders are transferred to the central warehouse where the store men prepare the full camion consequently leaving for the branches. The products are distributed from these branches to your shop.

We are looking forward to the cooperation with you as well.

Contacts and Management

ACCOM Czech a.s.

Head site:
Na Pláni 1997/41
150 00
Praha 5
VAT Number: 27113141
VAT Number: CZ27113141
Phone: +420 235 364 871
Fax: +420 235 364 993
Email: info@accom.cz
Phone: +420 416 574 650
+420 416 574 651
+420 724 994 459
Fax: +420 416 781 640
Green line: 800 555 120
Email: callcentrum@accom.cz
Data box: grtcjyt
The company is registered at the commercial register at municipal Court in Prague, section B, file B 9083.

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